Automatic Drillers

Oilfield Drilling Instrumentation Repair and Service in Abilene, TX

Automatic drillers are designed to withstand harsh environments to get the job done in even the roughest of conditions. We offer easily-adjustable, user-friendly automatic drillers that are some of the most reliable on the market today. With high- and low-speed gear units available, you can gain the proper rate of penetration for the job at hand. 
Oilfield Drilling Repair Abilene, TX

Trustworthy Satellite Driller and Instrumentation Service and Repair Work

We offer the sales, repair, and maintenance of automatic drillers across West, Central, and North Texas; New Mexico; and Arkansas. Our Abilene, TX oilfield drilling repair and oilfield service repair experts are on hand to help with what you need!

The Redi-Drill Automatic Driller features an instrument drilling control box, drum sensing unit, and a two-speed gearbox.  
The TD2 “Tame Dog” Automatic Drilling Controller is our latest automatic drilling controller. It utilizes weight/pump pressure differential to control the bit weight. This allows one instrument to begin and finish the well to total depth, whether drilling vertically or horizontally.

The TD2 automatic drilling controller is available for rental only at this time.  
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